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Raul Santos

Brooklyn, USA
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Raúl Santos is an award-winning film writer and director. He started his career in Advertising. As Creative Director he conceived and executed projects for British Airways, Loewe, Dior or Fnac for 8 years. He lived in Madrid, London, Paris and Berlin. In 2009 he was awarded a Talentia Scholarship from the regional government of Andalusia to study film in the United States. In 2011 he graduated from his Master of Fine Arts at the School of Visual Arts, NY and received the Paula Rhodes Memorial Award "for deeming his work exceptional". His first feature film, 'The Rock', about the love and hate relationship between Spain and Gibraltar, won the Golden Award for Best European Documentary at SEFF'11, as well as other recognitions in festivals in Russia, France, Argentina, Uruguay, US, UK and a special screening at the UN in New York. After its theatrical, broadcast, DVD and VOD release, the film has been included as educational material in the public school system of Andalusia, Spain and several universities in the United States. Raúl Santos currently lives in Brooklyn, where he is an active member of the Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective and the National Writers Union. He directs commercials and music videos, and is writing his first narrative feature. The New York Times mentioned him as "one of Spain's rising directors".