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I am a Directing DoP for Tabetops /// DoP for live action. I love to work with the Light, both artificial and natural one. Love to manage it, to control it, and to enjoy the photographic result, shot on film,or digital. I shoot in 35mm, S16mm, "ARRI ALEXA","ARRI AMIRA","RED EPIC". "RED MX" digital camera, "Black Magic", High Speed "Phantom " cameras. I'm a Director of Photography with 20 years of experience in shooting live action TV commercials,music videos, documentaries and short films . Directing DoP for TableTops. Filmed in many parts of the world including New York, Paris, Lebanon, India, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bulgaria. Graduated the Film University "ATF / UNATC" in 1994 as Director of Photography for film and TV. I am Interessted in meeting new producers and crews around the world and to work with them for obtaining high quality products my videos can be found on any of those links:
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