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It was the year of 1987, when in February João was born in S.João da Madeira, the smallest city in Portugal with only 3 miles of area. When he reached the 18 years old, he went to the big city, Lisbon where he studied (and never ended) the Law. Never leaving Lisbon again, he found his own world in advertising. He started as copywriter in the independent agency BAR, where he won his first awards, including 5 Cannes Young Lions Portugal, two of them Gold. He was part of the first portuguese team shortlisted in El Ojo and representing Portugal in the Youth Creative Marathon in FIAP. In 2014 he left BAR and accepted the challenge of becoming Executive Creative Director in Nylon Agency, and after a year he made possible that the agency obtained for the first time the title of “Agency of the Year” at the Prémios de Comunicação da Meios e Publicidade. He has been awarded with all of the awards from creativity and strategy from Portugal and also seen his work recognized at the international festivals like Lusos, FIAP, El Ojo de Iberoamerica and Cresta Awards. He also has been judging creativity in advertising festivals around the world like FIAP (México City), El Ojo de Iberoamerica and FIP (Buenos Aires), Creativity Awards, AdStars (South Korea) and New York Festival (USA). Now is the Executive Creative Director at 004, a gourmet awarded creative boutique in Lisbon and it was recently considered one of the 200 most influential creative directors in the world by TheNextGag.