Hershey's Milk Chocolate: Her She

April 01, 2021Filed under Media, Promo, Direct Marketing, Design, Food and Confectionery, Snacks

Hershey Salutes the Artistic Spirit of Women in Latest 'Her/She' Work A music video, new packaging and more. Building on its "Her/She" campaign from last year, where iconic women appeared on Hershey's chocolate bar packaging for International Women's Day, BETC Havas São Paulo released "She Dreams" and "Her Dream." This time, the packaging exhibits eight woman artists. The work includes a music video for musician Yzalú—who appeared in last year's campaign—singing "Qual Teu Sonho?" ("What's Your Dream?"). It features women in various states of creation, and is diverse in a multiplicity of satisfying ways. The artists who appear in the work are breakdancer Aline Constantino, who considers dance an art of social transformation; Filipa Aurélio, who photographs the Brazilian independent music circuit; Luz Ribeiro, an author, slam poet and member of the theater group Collective Self-Defense; illustrator Amanda Lobos; Afrofuturist graffiti artist Regina Elias Ziza; poet and cultural producer Carolina Peixoto; singer/songwriter Indy Naíse; and embroiderer Mitti Mendonça, whose Black Hand seal continues an embroidery tradition that has circulated her family for nearly 100 years.

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