McDonald's: Snow Delivery

January 07, 2021Filed under Media and Food

We delivered snow. Literally.

Nowadays, almost everyone misses snow in winter. No one more so than the citizens of Szczecin, a city in the north of Poland, where there are only 6 days of snowfall each year (it's not much, by Polish standards.)

We decided to change that. During our event, people who ordered delivery of Burger Drwala (The Lumberjack Burger) got a chance to experience snowfall right outside their windows. In a year when everybody got stuck in their homes, this was an especially meaningful gesture.

The event took place in Szczecin on November 28th-29th, 2020.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Warszawa, Poland
Executive Creative Director:Zuzanna Duchniewska-Sobczak
Deputy Creative Director:Jan Miroslaw
Project's Copywriter:Jan Miroslaw
Senior Art Director:Pablo Dominguez Agregan
Senior Copywriter:Mateusz Gaca
Head Of Creative Solutions:Anna Mogilnicka-Pojda
Account Manager:Urszula Łysenko
Executive Producer:Sebastian Jurczek, Tomasz Kulesza
Papaya Films:Sebastian Jurczek, Tomasz Kulesza, Marta Stawska, Maciej Szrek
Line Producer:Marta Stawska
Event Producer:Maciej Szrek
TVC Director:Bartosz Dombrowski
Event Film Director:Aleksander Kropidłowski
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