Jules: Men In Progress

November 09, 2020Filed under Film, Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

In its latest commercial, the fashion brand 'Jules' pokes fun at clichés about men and their masculinity: "Better fashion for a better world. The new Jules is committed to dressing men who wear progress. An adventure tour towards the future, where clothes are designed to last, to be transformed, to be reused. An adventure where clothes are more and more environmentally friendly: jeans made from recycled bottles, cotton t-shirts 100% made from organic farming. An adventure punctuated by positive actions, both societal and environmental, where we support each other, we experiment, we taste freedom. Better together, day after day." The voice over tells: "Come on... Be a man! What is it to be a man today? A man has to be capable of... Lift sone weights? Really? I told him to be a strong man! But there is strong and strong. They say a man has to be tall. That a man cries only once in his lifetime. Maybe twice... They say that a man has to be a good father. But two great dads also works. They say that a man has to take greater decisions. I am gonna take the veggie. They say that a man needs to move with style. Now we also move around with style. But some say we will never change. Huh... Did you really think I was like that? Yes, it's time to change. Yes, a man needs to defend his country. But the heroes have changed. They say a real guy takes his courage in both hands. And that a man, a real one, masters fire. But no, we have to stop with all this. And if to be a man, it as to be ready to carry progress? So let's go. One t-shirt at a time. One recycled jeans at a time. Jules, Men In progress."

Advertising Agency:Air, Brussels, Belgium
Directors:Julien & Quentin.
Executive Producers:Jason Felstead & Ruben Goots.
Producer:Thomas Landeloos
Director Of Photography:Benjamin Todd
Production Designer:Benedict Van Acker.
Stylist:Lia Lea.
Casting:Oi Mundo.
Makeup:Sarah Roman.
Post Producer:Dominique Ruys
Grading:Xavier Dockx
Editing:Marie-Réglisse Monsimier.
Sound Design:Sonhouse
Music:Quentin Boulettes.
VFX and Post Production:Divide.
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