Nike: Create with Air Max

July 15, 2020Filed under Media and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Air Max, a cornerstone of the Nike shoe lineup has been amassing a cult following since 1987. This year in a world first for Nik, AKQA helped Nike Japan give people the opportunity to participate in the creation process of this fan favorite.

Nike Japan released a collaborative 'zine' called Create with Air Max allowing sneaker lovers to make their own unique mark on Air Max through an exclusive pilot experience. By scanning a black and white ‘coloring book’ style outline of the new shoe silhouettes, users can customise their own 3D Air Max designs in real-time.

An AR model of each shoe hovers above the page, rendered in real time as the user colors each section of the physical zine pages. The user can then sign their finished design and have it transformed into a unique animation, which can then be shared online or even submitted to Nike as part of the larger editorial campaign.

Conceptualised and developed by AKQA, the zine experience incorporates the best submissions from influencers, and sees them published in a magazine along with influencer interviews, community creations, and the interactive AR creation feature.

The idea was born from the COVID-19 circumstances, which left people largely isolated, and unable to come together as they had prior, but also looking for new ways to explore and express their creativity.

Advertising Agency:AKQA, New York, USA
Advertising Agency:AKQA Shanghai
Advertising Agency:AKQA, Japan
Group Creative Director:Tim McDonell
Associate Creative Director:Daniel Busch
Creatives:August Ostberg, David Svedenström
Designer & Art Director:Matteus Faria
Brand Editor:Shunsuke Mori
Motion Designer:Zack Chua
Strategist:Kasumi Mizoguchi
Ux Designer:Gabe Beck
Client Partner:Hideaki Hara
Account Director:Faris Raucci
Senior Project Manager:Eiji Nakamura
Director Of Technology:Steven Gutteridge
Creative Technology:Buboy Paguio, Chewy Wu
Tech Manager:Joe Jin
Photography:Andrew Goldie
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