Budweiser: My Bar

July 01, 2020Filed under Online and Alcoholic Drinks

Another month of quarantine and the desire to go to your favorite bar and catch up with friends only grows stronger. Still confined, wouldn’t it be possible to get everyone together virtually to enjoy a close-up experience? To reconnect consumers with their favorite bars, Budweiser launches this week in Brazil the platform My Bar. It allows people to go back to their favorite bar or restaurant and meet with friends to bridge the distance, albeit virtually. Besides bringing entertainment to consumers’ homes, My Bar is an opportunity to help bars and restaurants that are still closed because of the pandemic to have another sales channel. The virtual platform, created by ad agency Africa can be visited at www.budweiser.com.br/mybar in a very uncomplicated way, using smartphones or computers. In it, the person can choose among the registered establishments their favorite bar or restaurant and have the chance of experiencing being there. “Everything was envisioned and produced very carefully so that the setting was very much like the actual bar or restaurant and the consumer can feel as if actually there, sharing a table with friends. Now that people need to stay at home, we want to provide a new way of entertainment and bring them close to the places they like”, says Carolina Gargione, Budweiser’s Marketing Manager. More than bridging the distance to their favorite bar or restaurant that hasn’t been visited for months, the platform allows consumers to get together with friends and also order a cold beer together with an appetizer or a snack. My Bar will offer consumers several attractions they can enjoy at their favorite registered establishments. Budweiser will communicate through social media what will be happening at the different bars/restaurants such as live streams, music festivals, cooking lessons, sports tips, etc. Burguer Joint, Hoops Park, Jonnie Wash and Picco have already opened their virtual doors in My Bar. The platform is still available for other establishments that wish to register. Agency:

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