Babyshop Ramadan: A World We Deserve


In Ramadan, during COVID-19 and lockdowns, Babyshop, a leading children’s retailer from the Middle East, launches “A World We Deserve”, sharing what children will remember when these uncertain times are over. Through the eyes and the words of children from around the world, the brand has launched a film and an original song to kick off its month-long activities. In a challenging economic environment, the film completely breaks away from the typical mold of Ramadan ads (mega production, celebrity endorsements, dances, people getting together, eating together, celebrating together, doing kind acts for others and the like) and of COVID-19 ads (UGC, remaking old videos, empty streets, etc.).

Advertising Agency:FP7/McCann, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Head Of Marketing:Mitin Chakraborty
Marketing Manager:Mona El Zibda
Creative Manager:Karla Nicoletti
Manager:Joana Lima
Social Media:Joana Lima
Production:FP7 McCann Dubai
Director:Tahaab Rais
Producer:Vicky Kriplani
Editor and Colourist:Ashraf Muhammadunny
Singer:Brittin Lane
Songwriter:Tahaab Rais
Composer:Brittin Lane
Creative:FP7 McCann Dubai
Regional Ecd:Oliver Robinson, Fouad Abdel Malak
Creative Director:Tahaab Rais, Aunindo Sen
Copywriter:Tahaab Rais, Karim Kazan
Art Director:Tahaab Rais, Karim Kazan
Ecd:Karim Kazan
Regional Head of Strategy:Tahaab Rais
Group Account Director:Vicky Kriplani
Retoucher:Amit Borawake
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