Demi: Beauty is in the mind of the beholder

January 27, 2020Filed under Print and Media, Publications

Problems with self-esteem and self-acceptance are beginning to be more common in younger people than ever before. Social media and its many beauty filters distort the self-image of children and young people. Media has the power to influence the current standards of beauty – either by adding the pressure to look a certain way or alleviating it. A Finnish young people’s media Demi launches a campaign in the hopes of opening a conversation regarding the pressure of the many beauty standards teenagers have to face.

Advertising Agency:TBWA, Helsinki, Finland
Chief Creative Officer:Jyrki Poutanen
Executive Account Director:Noora Murremäki
Creative Director:Erno Reinikainen
Content Director:Markus Nieminen
Copywriter:Tuomas Perälä, Sini Teppola, Lasse Perälampi
Creative Technologist:Juhana Hokkanen
Art Director:Matti Virtanen
Planner:Jesse Korhonen
Project Management Trainee:Henna Rajala
Photography:Tuukka Koski, Koski Syväri
Post Production:Kasimir Häiväoja, FLC Helsinki
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