Tekzen Duck Tape: Everything you need for Modern Artwork

December 11, 2019Filed under Media, Outdoor, Print and House, Garden, Pets

Digital production agency Creasoup refers to Comedian with the Tekzen’s real-time campaign that caught great attention. Creasoup went live with the social media content that was published on social media as the first step of the campaign for Tekzen. The content shows a banana taped onto a wall just like the art Comedian with the caption “All the tools you need to create modern art can be found in Tekzen!”. Creasoup emphasizes that it is possible to create a $120,000 modern art with an 8.5₺ duck-tape. The campaign that began through social media moved on to www.tekzen.com.tr and Tekzen stores and, therefore, to the real-life. A unique dressing was made to the tape sections of the stores with real banana replicas. Subsequently, guerrilla installations were manufactured to the streets where some of the art-galleries that the art-lovers visit frequently is located in such as IKSV, Salt Galata, and X-ist. *People who came across with these installations saw the message just like the messages that can be found in an art exhibition.* They were directed to the particular landing page for duck-tape at www.tekzen.com.tr when they scanned the QR Code next to the installation.

Advertising Agency:Creasoup, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director:Erhan Cirak
Creative Team:Halit Görgeç, Ömer Arısoy, Yeşim Tekin, Umut Durutuna
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