Rethink: The Conversation Platter

December 23, 2019Filed under Direct Marketing and Agency Self-Promo

This very real, festive-looking serving plate could come in handy this holiday season. Conversation starters have been hidden in its decorative design to shield you from family-induced awkwardness. Like your xenophobic uncle who has had one too many and feels the need to share his opinions on millennials using their phones too much. So when a family member starts getting political, raunchy, or just plain inappropriate, look closely into the plate and spark a lighthearted discussion with topics such as: “If you need to survive in the woods, which 3 people here would you go with” or “Ever wondered why Caillou is bald?”

About 600 custom, hand-printed porcelain plates have been made and sent to our clients across Canada.

Advertising Agency:Rethink, Canada
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