Volkswagen: Lime

November 03, 2019Filed under Print and Automotive

Year 1960. Volkswagen Beetle enters the US automobile market with a print ad. You know “lemon”, the most legendary print ad in world advertising history. The vehicle in the ad has a minor defect unnoticeable to the eyes. However, the inspectors at the Volkswagen factory do not miss this and they don’t allow for it to leave the factory and into market. Therefore, the quality and trustworthiness of Volkswagen is emphasized. This vehicle is named the “lemon’’, word commonly used to describe production defects. And almost 60 years pass... This time it’s time for this legendary automobile to say goodbye to loved ones. The last Beetle that leaves the Mexican factory will be taken to a museum to preserve its place in history. This is a goodbye ad. There is nothing wrong with this last Beetle. However, the inspectors, just like 60 years ago, do not allow for it to leave the factory. It goes to the museum in Puebla. Because that one is the very last of this legendary automobile. You see, this is the bitterest news in automobile history. This is why we named the last Beetle “Lime.’’ Goodbye legend!

Advertising Agency:Medina Turgul, İstanbul, Turkey
Executive Creative Director:Ertug Tugalan
Creative Director:Emre Altundağ
Creative Group Head:Burcu Günister
Copywriter:Emre Altundağ
Art Director:Burcu Günister
Account team:Zeynep Kızılcan, Fuat Cemiloğlu
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