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October 17, 2019Filed under Film, Online and Public Interest, NGO

BBDO Moscow together with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and local audio streaming platform Yandex.Music have created Birds Records, the first non-profit label that saves birdsong. In North America alone, over the past 50 years, the bird population has declined by over 3 billion, which is almost a third of the total number of individual birds. Scientists have long suspected that the planet’s ecosystem is in a critical condition, but no one had thought it was so calamitous. 

The tracks from Birds Records use samples of birdsong, and all the money received from listening to them and selling merchandise will be sent to the WWF Russia, to boost bird numbers and protect the habitat of endangered species. The thought leader and first signed artist of the label was Ivan Dorn with the track “Wild”. He is turning to humanity for help on behalf of the birds: “Our name in the red book has been sketched in black blot. 

Well, thank you, dear saviour, you have reduced our number”. You can watch the clip and listen to the track on YouTube. The song was recorded and mastered in Masterskaya, Kiev, by sound producer Suren Tomasyan. The track uses the sounds of the Pin-tailed Snipe, Willow Ptarmigan, Yellow-breasted Bunting, Wood Owls, Cuckoos, Radde’s Warbler and many others. Everyone can help the birds and there are three ways to do so: listen to the Birds Records tracks on Yandex.Music, buy the merchandise and make donations. But everyone can also actually become a part of Birds Records. To do this, all you need to do is to record your own track using bird samples. 

Some samples are available on the label website. The best of the sent tracks will go to the playlist on Yandex.Music and will also earn money for the Fund. And the best of the best will be released on vinyl. Especially for Birds Records, BBDO Moscow has developed a limited collection of merchandise, the money from the sale of which will also be transferred to the WWF Russia. All of the aspects of the design of the collection are linked to the concept of birdwatching. 

The hoodies have a specially designed pocket for seeds, and the bags have been made extra large, so that everything that is needed for a walk in the forest can be comfortably taken: thermos, picnic and binoculars. The clip for the track was created by BBDO Moscow in collaboration with Petrick Animation Studio. The clip is divided into 9 short stories, worked on by a total of 12 illustrators using a range of styles: from gouache to anime. The label will be distributed worldwide by Universal Music Group. You can find out more about this project by visiting birdsrecords.ru.

Advertising Agency:BBDO, Moscow, Russia
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