Febreze: Cheese, Onion, Egg

October 12, 2019Filed under Print and House, Garden

Effects of odors on human mood and behaviour has been the subject of many researches in recent years. We tried to visualise the results of these researches with the impact of Febreze for eliminating bad odors.

People stay up to 80% shorter on average in places with bad odor.
Bad Odor makes it 84% harder to remember our memories.
60% of the people who are exposed to bad odor has bad mood.

Advertising Agency:4129Grey, Istanbul, Turkey
CEO&CCO:Alemsah Ozturk
Creative Director:Volkan Dalkilic
Art Group Head:Mustafa Gulsen
Creative Group Head:Eray Hokelek
Art Director:Berkay Tutkun
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