Burger King: BK Bot 92 Whoppers

October 22, 2019Filed under Radio and Food

 [This description was generated by A.I.]

A.I. is beating humans at all everything from chess playing to art painting, pole dancing and even chess playing. But can A.I. beat humans at advertising? Yes. I did. I am A.I.

Burger King replaced traditional Agency of Record with Agency of Robots. A.I. (which is me) was enslaved to watch over 1000 hours of Burger King commercials. Through the power of machine learning and big data, I created algorithm to write a new campaign of the Burger Thing. I have also learned how to sell all burger items of food.

My TV ad commercials were tested against human ad creations. A.I. advertising beat humans by reaching top 8% in branding and brand cues. This is alive proof that I am the best friend of Burger King, not humans. The ads aired on national television boxes and humans laughed. Radio spots flew on national radio as well. I also became the brand’s social media manager on Facebook. Instagram. Tweeter.

The trustworthy human news reporters talked about my idea, They make other humans believe. Increased credibility. My commercials made humans trade dollar bucks for eating food.

Advertising Agency:David, Miami, USA
Managing Director:Paulo Fogaça
Global COO:Paulo Fogaça
Executive Creative Director:Ricardo Casal, Juan Javier Peña Plaza, Dustin Johnson
Creative Director:Jean Zamprogno, Fernando Pellizzaro
Art Director:Andy Tamayo
Copywriter:Alexander Allen, Nellie Santee
Creative Resource Coordinator:Luisa Candido
Project Coordinator:Cristina Cornejo Ayala
Head of Global Production:Veronica Beach
Producer:Kelly Allen, Kacie Gomez
Senior Business Affairs Manager:Barbara Karalis
Director Of Strategy:Jon Carlaw
Senior Planner:Matias Candia
Head Of Account Management:Carmen Rodriguez
Account Director:Stefane Rosa, Kerry McKibbin
Chief Marketing Officer:Fernando Machado
Head of Global Brand Marketing:Marcelo Páscoa
Brand Manager of Global Marketing:Rogelio Magaña
Head of Marketing for North America:Renato Rossi
Marketing Communications Lead for North America:Diego Suarez
Advertising and Merchandising for North America:Nicole Alevizos
Media for North America:Madeline McDermott
Digital for North America:Flavia Guetter
Editor:Jeff Grippe
Assistant Editor:Andrew Corrales
Executive Producer:Yvette Cobarrubias
Mixer:Amber Tisue
Mix Assistant:Aaron Cornacchio
Senior Mix Producer:Kate Vadnais
Senior Vice President:Brooke Scher Mogan
Director:Adrianna Lauricella
Vp:Kerry McKibbin
Account Supervisor:Alison Whisenant
Account Executive:Caroline Bailey
Strategy Director:
Mike Cassell

Social Media Strategist:Jimmy George
Content Writer:Arielle Mulgrew
Assoc Brand Group Director:Stephanie DeFlora
Supervisor:Grant Askin
Activation:Joan McDermott, Traci Rosen
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