Transavia Plane Ticket: Holidays are back

September 11, 2019Filed under Print and Transport, Tourism

That's all folks - the summer holidays are already over and you’ve gone back to your little habits and routine: commute, work, sleep, and repeat... In the end, the holidays are always, always way too short. For all those looking for ways to prolong the holidays, Transavia and its agency Havas Paris Seven have launched the pop-culture coded campaign "Holidays are back".

Advertising Agency:Havas Paris Seven, Paris, France
President:Elisabeth Billiemaz
Creative Director:Stephane Gaubert
Strategic Planning:Sabrina Guendouz
Artistic Director:Jordan Molina
Designer Writer:Ludovic Miege
Budget Officer:Frédéric Guiraudou, Lola Abourmad, Pascale Vinzant, Agathe Pannaud
Art Purchasing Manager:Sylvie Gazaix
Studio 3D:Lightfarm
Photographer:Milton Menezes
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