Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá Conciliation and Arbitration Center: Shape

August 14, 2019Filed under Print and Professional Services

Countless are the conflicts that are generated day by day in Bogotá, both business and personal and coexistence, the latter being the most common and where more reports are generated in which people do not find how to resolve differences without having to go to a legal instance, for this, the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce and its Arbitration and Conciliation Center launched services for the resolution of coexistence conflicts, such as debts, separations, pet related issues, noisy neighbors, delinquent tenants, among others. 

THE IDEA: Achieving that such a complex and stiff topic was seen and communicated in a different, simple and understandable way, was a great challenge but at the same time a great achievement. Under the concept: "Unleashing the knot that united them was never so easy", we developed a campaign with a message and a disruptive graphic identity in the category. From illustrations made by hand and in a single stroke, we show how easy a conflict can originate but at the same time how simple it would be to solve it thanks to the Arbitration and Conciliation Center. The result is a campaign as simple as blunt.

Advertising Agency:Silva Publicidad, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano
Art Director:Carlos Arturo Sánchez
Copywriter:Walter Zuñiga
Illustrator:Carlos Arturo Sánchez
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