Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá Bogotá Music Market - BOmm 2019: Where music and business align

August 16, 2019Filed under Print, Professional Services and Music

The Bogotá Music Market (BOmm) is a program designed by the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce (BCC), for musicians, composers, producers, agencies, entrepreneurs, brands, labels and publishers to discover new talents, create business opportunities and learn about the latest trends in the industry. A place where music creativity and business is united in one place. THE IDEA: For the edition of BOmm 2019 we wanted our communication territory and creative concept to be: the place where music and business aligns, and to show it this we wanted to create a graphic campaign that would excite all participants and generate a unique visual impact. Mixing 3D modeling and illustration techniques, we aligned in the center of our posters various elements that will symbolize the technical aspects of business with everything amazing that music can produce, representing how in a single event we managed to bring together the entire music industry and from there generate business development for the city.

Advertising Agency:Silva Publicidad, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano
Art Director:Carlos Arturo Sánchez
Graphic Designer:Rubén de Ávila
Copywriter:Walter Zuñiga
3d Modeling:Carlos Arturo Sánchez
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