Seminar Hotel Hof de Planis

July 16, 2019Filed under Design and Transport, Tourism

The seminar hotel "Hof de Planis" is located at 1280 meters in the middle of the Swiss mountains. It offers generously designed rooms, a professional seminar infrastructure and most important: Enough distance from the daily hustle and bustle. This setting provides ideal conditions for successful business seminars, conferences and workshops. The campaign was intended to draw the attention of entrepreneurs and managers.

Countless presentations take place daily in the business world. The most popular program for this is Microsoft’s PowerPoint. That’s why we designed the Swiss mountain landscape around the hotel with typical PowerPoint graphic elements. The target group was invited in a surprising way: Plan your business seminars in the Swiss mountains.

Entrepreneurs and managers love to use arrows, curves, tables and all kind of diagrams in their PowerPoint presentations: pie diagrams, line diagrams, bar diagrams, etc. 

From the most popular PowerPoint elements we created a whole new world: arrows turned into trees or alpine huts, curves into mountain panoramas, tables into fences and signposts, various diagrams into bales of hay, lakes, clouds and the sun. 

This is how the Swiss mountain world around the seminar hotel was designed. A separate theme was created for each season: One for spring/summer, one for autumn and one for winter.

The campaign was launched in Switzerland on 1 February 2019 with targeted posters at and around business fairs. It quickly attracted the attention of the target group because it surprisingly used a tool from its everyday life in a new way. 

First figures have shown an increase of + 97 % of visits to the hotel website and + 32 % more reservation requests for business seminars. (Compared to the same period in 2018.)

Advertising Agency:Ruf Lanz, Zurich, Switzerland
creative direction:Markus Ruf, Danielle Lanz
Copywriter:Markus Ruf
Art Direction:Isabelle Hauser
Illustrator:Catherine Martin, Isabelle Hauser
Account Executive:Ursula Jaag
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