Puma: Street Legend

July 16, 2019Filed under Film and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Liu Wen finishes a shooting and receives a text message for the secret party. What follows now is a series of back and forth cuts been Liu Wen and the party crew. It goes between Liu Wen walking to her car and taking off to the party location, while the crew is setting up in the plane to get the party started. Liu wen arrives at the party and they celebrate. The music is at its peak and the B- Boy and B- Girl are battling with their best dance moves, they are having a great time together.

Advertising Agency:Pixomondo, Los Angeles, USA
Creative Director:Aslan Malik
Art Director:Jingo Li
Celebrity:Liu Wen
Director:Aslan Malik
Camera:Jason Michael Lopez
Producer:Yanyie Tran
Assistant Director:Natalie Ambarnikova
Consultant:Jingo Li
Music:Full Trap To The Future, Jam Studio, Premiumbeat
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