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July 12, 2019Filed under Print, Online and Media, Publications

For the 20th anniversary of (The Advertising Copycat hunter since 1999), The Masked Agency is launching an ad campaign starring well-known admen and adwomen who have a curious resemblance to other celebrities with the catchphrase: “Advertising is full of look-alikes. Some are funny, others no. Joe La Pompe. Copycat hunter since 1999”. Who is the original and who is the copy? Like on this blog, it’s up to you to judge! With this small difference that here, it’s only coincidences.

Franck Provost (Hairdresser) vs Stéphane Xiberras (BETC Paris) - Mike Horn vs Olivier Altmann (Altmann + Pacreau) - Peter Graves vs Maurice Levy (Publicis Worldwide) - Josiane Balasko (french actress) vs Mercedes Erra (BETC) - Clint Eastwood vs Sir John Hegarty (BBH) - Vahid Halilhodzic (Soccer manager) vs Jean-Marie Dru (TBWA) - Catherine O'Hara vs Margaret Johnson (Goodby Silverstein & Partners) - Tim Burton vs Gabriel Gaultier - Jorge Garcia vs Pierre Berville - Michael Cain vs Sir Franck Lowe (LOLA Mullen Lowe) - Christopher Lee vs Lee Clow (TBWA)

Advertising Agency:The masked agency, Paris, France
Copywriters:Cédric Luceau
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