Durex: Poppin

July 21, 2019Filed under Design and Health, Beauty

Problem: STIs are at an all-time high, and GenZ isn’t using condoms. Keep it Poppin: Most teens don’t carry condoms because they’re too ashamed of being caught with a condom by someone they’re interested in. Because there isn’t a worse turn off than someone “expecting” sex. We will hack GenZ’s habit of always carrying their phones everywhere by giving them specially designed pop-sockets that discreetly hold condoms inside of them. This simple idea adds value to the already widely used pop-sockets by further equipping them to hide condoms in plain sight. The Poppin pop-sockets will save teens from potential embarrassment, as well as STIs by ensuring they always have condoms on hand. Literally.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Miami, USA
Art Director:Matias Cachiquis, Ashutosh Thakkar, Leonardo Fonseca
Copywriter:Tuhin Parhi
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