Head & Shoulders: Yarmulke Switch

June 03, 2019Filed under Media and Health, Beauty

Our insight: In Judaism one must cover his head due to humble for god. So we used Yarmulkes – the traditional head cover. 

The Western wall in Jerusalem is the holiest Jewish site in the world, prior to entering the site one must put on a Yarmulke, a traditional brimless cap. So with 10 Million visitors per year one could say that the Western Wall sees the largest turnover of head-covers per single location in the entire world, making it the perfect location for the largest-ever dandruff testing demo. 

Our idea: We commissioned a veteran Jerusalemite maker to produce a Unique Yarmulkas, equipped with a special, internal, dandruff-detecting layer. Then we hijacked the existing Yarmulke distribution stand at the entrance to the site and turn our H&S Yarmulkes into a media channel by handing them out to visitors. After their visit to the wall, as the users take off their yarmulkes to give them back, our attendants would check the inside to see whether they have dandruff or not and H&S samples were distributed to those realizing they have dandruff.

Advertising Agency:Acw Grey, Tel Aviv, Israel
Media Company:Mediacom Connections Israel
Pr Company:Stern Ariely Saar
Ceo:Amir Guy, Yaron Farizon, Yaron Farizon, Pupi Ariely
ACW Grey TelAviv:Amir Guy
Chief Creative Officer:Tal Riven
Creative Directors:Yonatan Title, Asa Keren
Senior Copywriter:Shay Chikotay
Senior Art Director:Moti Rubinstein
Producer:Nava Siman Tov
Global Chairman:Per Pedersen
Europe Creative Chairman:Eduardo Maruri
Mediacom:Yaron Farizon
Comms Planning Director:Gilad Kat
Mediacom connections:Yaron Farizon
Client Service Director:Shimi Hamias
Commercial Director:Yulia Shavelzon
Planning and activation leader:Dana Wolfsfeld
Cmo:Roni Shacham
Stern Ariely Saar:Pupi Ariely
Brand Manager:Shahar Cohen
Pr Manager:Michal Bar- Tal
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