Havaianas: Let’s Summer News

June 11, 2019Filed under Integrated and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

Havaianas keeps on spreading the spirit of Brazilian summer in its new global campaign, created by AlmapBBDO. This time, the concept Let’s Summer/ Partiu Verão, inviting people from different countries to dive into this laid-back way of life – light, vibrant, and happy – is expressed in a variety of invitations, encouraging people to make the most of the spirit of the season. The brand is a spokesperson for summer across five continents, no matter what time of year.  

The campaign shows that you can experience all these sensations from wherever you are, just by putting on a pair of the original Brazilian flip-flops. The main message – of diving into the spirit of Brazilian summer – is expressed in themed invitations that encourage people to liven up, make friends, dance samba, and enjoy every moment, among other suggestions. After all, Brazilian summer is about more than just sun, beaches, and the sea: it contains an entire world of vibes, styles, and expressions that have made it unique and world-famous.

The invitations themselves are illustrated and Risographed, presenting a colorful, lively universe. In both static and animated forms, they can be seen in posts on social media, digital media, urban installations, billboards, posters, point-of-sale material, and print ads that interact with different formats in publications across the world. The campaign also includes initiatives featuring local influencers, which are adapted to help each country best understand the spirit of Brazilian summer.

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