Gillette It Takes a Real Man

June 04, 2019Filed under Film and Health, Beauty

A study has revealed that “75% of Spanish men do not identify with the traditional male stereotype”. 8/10 Spanish men have been hearing about what makes a “Real Man” throughout their lives, but only one in four identifies with these expectations. What does it mean to be a “real man”? How is a real man supposed to behave? These and other questions are the starting point for “"It takes a real man””, a study sponsored by Gillette that explores the meaning of masculinity and how it is evolving in Spain. The study reveals that 75% of men do not identify with traditional masculine stereotypes and intend to bring up their children based on a more progressive, positive concept. This analysis of Spanish men prompted Gillette to develop a new line of communication that extolled the positive values of masculinity and rejected the negative ones. The result was the "It takes a real man” campaign (, based on the Spanish male stereotype. (there are English subtitles in the youtube settings option)

Advertising Agency:Proximity, Madrid, Spain
Global Chief Creative Officer:Eva Santos
Executive Creative Director:Susana Pérez
Creative Director: David Despau
Art Director:Gerardo Vaquerizo
Video Coordinator:Elias Maldonado
Technology Dire:Víctor Madueño
Client Services Director:Marta Yllera
Acount Manager:Mónica Martín
Planner:Esla de Murga
Acount Executives:Claudia Sanz, Esla de Murga
Content Manager:María Martinez
Comunication Director:Laura Carrillo
Production Director:Gemma Selga
Production Company:Igloo
Director:Miguel Angulo
Executive Producer:Meghan Shaw
Producer:Laura Guerrero
Photography Director:Octavio Arias
Image Editor:David López
PostProduction Coordinator:José David Alonso
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