Chime: Radio Tinnitus

June 18, 2019Filed under Media and Media, Publications

Radio Tinnitus is a digital radio station that helped Tinnitus sufferers through audio therapy. Tinnitus sufferers could listen to our radio station, find a match to their particular tinnitus sound and then use that sound to help their brain to switch focus from the noise in their head to the noise on the radio. Once they had done this they could turn down/off the internal noise.

Advertising Agency:Rothco, Dublin, Ireland
Copywriter:Alan Kelly
Art Director:David Bowen
Designer:Stephen Flynn
Ecd:Alan Kelly
Lead Developer:Sean Crawford
Frontend Developer:Greg Callan
Lead Producer:Margaret Levingstone
Director or Marketing:Jill Byrne
Sound Production:Locky Butler
Technical Director:Daire Lennon
Project Manager:Jill Jordan
Ceo:Patrick Hickey
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