Unilever Signal: Little Brush Big Brush

May 28, 2019Filed under Online, Mobile and Health, Beauty, Pharmaceutical

We cleaned and gleamed up Signal’s toothbrushing companion with an AR overhaul. Elevating the existing Little Brush Big Brush webseries, the Facebook Messenger experience expands the story with an encouraging chatbot offering 5 fun-filled animal masks that teach kids how to care for their teeth. The experience keeps kids brushing for 21 days through daily reminders, AR interactions and reward stickers — helping them form a positive habit in a playful way. As one of the first Messenger extensions to use augmented reality for learning, the experience shows there’s so much more to AR than puking rainbows.

Advertising Agency:Mediamonks, Netherlands
Managing Director:Martin Verdult
Main Creative:Robbin Runsten
Senior Designer:Matteo Rostagno
Creative Director:Philipp Sens
Executive Creative Director:Jon Biggs
Executive Producer:Andy Hopkinson
Director of European Partnerships:Storm Keys
Video Editor:Floris Van Raak
Animator:Peter Oosterhoff
Programmer:Peter Van Der Noord, Niels Otterspoor, Delilah Pavoni
3d Generalist:Jan Postema, Floyd Angenent
Augmented Reality Programmer:Nevin Wouters, Dave Lenz
Copywriter:Miriam Patience
Project Manager:Tommy Lacoste
QC:Renske De Vlieg, Daniel Comolli
Facebook Production Director:Charlie Macpherson
Facebook Global Creative Strategist:Elizabeth Valleau
Facebook Kate Barker:Global Client Partner
Unilever Global Director UStudio:Emily O'brien
Beauty Personal Care:Emily O'brien
Unilever Global Director:Nathan Cook
Advertising Innovation:Nathan Cook
Unilever:Nathan Cook
Unilever Global Assistant Digital Manager:Julie Garrigues
Unilever Global Senior Digital Manager:Hannah Jensen
Unilever Global Brand Manager:Daniel Kerry
Unilever Global Brand Director:Pau Bartoli
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