Tyrolit: Rust Billboard

May 20, 2019Filed under Outdoor and Industrial, Agriculture

A billboard site in Viennas posh first district, where design conscious urban professionals pass by daily on their way to work.

To promote the quality of TYROLIT's iconic Iceline knives we transformed the classic billboard site into a site of an extraordinary transformation: Starting with a mysterious, pure metallic surface which showed only the TYROLIT logo a metamorphosis started within days: The surface was eaten away by rust.

The passerbys could witness the daily transformation. After 30 days the surface was covered completely in rust, leaving only the iconic shape of TYROLIT's Iceline knife perfectly intact. And also the Headline: FLAWLESS. FOREVER.

Advertising Agency:Heimat Wien, Vienna, Austria
Creative Director:Georg Feichtinger
Art Director:Simon Pointner
Copywriter:Felix Hohmann
Graphic Designer:Katharina Handlos
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