São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra: See The Music

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Talent Marcel, turns symphonis into paintings for Symphony Orchestra of São Paulo

With a chip installed in conductor's baton, the master movements were mapped and transformed into paintings

The São Paulo State Symphony Orchestra (Osesp) presents “See The Music”, a project that transforms iconic compositions into pieces of art. From a chip installed in maestra Marin Alsop’s baton, the movements captured as she conducted works such as Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, were mapped and transformed into paintings, causing a unique kinaesthetic experience for the spectator.

Besides offering such a sensation by transforming musical pieces into objects, the “See The Music” project also explores the new possibilities of artistic manifestations enabled by technology. Via bluetooth, a gyroscope and an accelerometer installed in the baton, communicated with a software with 13 thousand lines of programming, created especially for the project, which captures the movements. The software’s data intelligence handles the complete decoding of different types of gestures, from the lightest to the more vibrant and energetic ones, turning them into paintings.

Authors such as Debussy, Mozart and Tchaikovsky, among others, will have small excerpts of their most prominent works captured and transformed into works of art.

“See The Music” is a technological experience created by Talent Marcel, the advertising agency for Osesp, in partnership with the group of instrumentalists, designed to commemorate and mark the farewell of maestra Marin Alsop from the leadership of Osesp. “The role of the conductor is to be the composer’s messenger, bring that narrative to the orchestra and, through the musicians, to the audience. The idea of “See The Music” is to capture the energy of a performance and materialize it into paintings so that people can absorb them in a different manner”, explains the maestra.

The paintings created from the experiment will be part of a commemorative exhibit.  After the versnissage, the paintings will be auctioned on behalf of fundraising for the educational and artistic activities of the orchestra and its groups.

“Musical works that that are transformed into paintings, that become an exhibit, that unfold into products, that add and create value. An action that was only made possible because we brought together the inspiration of Marin Alsop with the accuracy of technolocy”, appraises Rodrigo Lugato, Creative Director for Talent Marcel and one of the creatives behind the project.

About the compositions that were transformed into paintings

BEETHOVEN | Symphony No. 5: I. Allegro con brio

DEBUSSY | Prélude à l'après-midi d'un Faune

MAHLER | Symphony nº 5: IV. Adagietto

MOZART | Symphony nº 40: I. Molto allegro

R. STRAUSS | Ein Heldenleben

STRAVINSKY | The Augurs of Spring

TCHAIKOVSKY | Symphony nº 4: I Andante Sostenuto - Moderato con Anima

TCHAIKOVSKY | Symphony nº 5: I. Andante – Allegro con Anima

RAVEL | Bolero

SCHUMANN | Symphony nº 2

J. STRAUSS JR. | The Blue Danube

WAGNER | Ride of the Valkyries

Advertising Agency:Talent Marcel, São Paulo, Brazil
CCO:João Livi
Creative Directors:Sleyman Khodor e Rodrigo Lugato
Interactive and Creative Director:Marcello Droopy
Creative Team:Paula Keller Perego, Danilo Carvalho e Guilherme Serato
Photos:Mario Coelho
Final Art:Ingo Santos
Rtvc:Santa Transmedia
Agency Production Team:Santa Transmedia
Director:1967, Christiane Rachel e Renato Castro
Assistent Director:Thatiane Almeida
Director Of Photography:Luiz Augusto Moura
Executive Producer:Renata Munaretto
Client Services:Elisa Mello
Client Services Assistent:Bruna Custódio
Production:Hanna Moura, Equipe Antfood
Editing:Diogo Comum e Julian Eduardo
Postproduction:Santa Post
Color Grading:Liquor
Finalization:Roberto Neto
Electric Engineer:André Aureliano Biagioni
Designer:Gilmar Alves Magalhães Júnior
Sound Production:Antfood
Artistic Direction:Lourenço Schmidt e Fernando Rojo
Client Approval:Executive board and Communications of Fundação Osesp
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