Puma: The 9’58 Biography


As readers flip through its pages, the book reproduces the 9.58-second race in 224 frames that tell the story of the fastest athlete in the world

In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Usain Bolt's 9.58-second world record on the 100m dash, BETC/Havas partnered with PUMA to create a biographical book in tribute to the athlete. The book titled "The 9’58 Biography" recounts the most memorable events in Bolt's life that led him to break the world record in 2009.

In its 224 pages, the book presents interesting facts from the career of the fastest runner in history, based on research conducted by the advertising agency. But what really makes this work stand out is the animation readers see when they quickly flip the pages, causing "The 9’58 Biography" to reproduce Bolt's 9.58-second run, in 224 frames. A fun way to show that, behind each step in the world's fastest run, there is a long story of effort, dedication, training and sweat.

The “9’58 Biography” was created especially as a gift to Usain Bolt. The sprinter was surprised with a copy of the book during an event promoted by PUMA in São Paulo, in which the brand also launched its new PUMA Hybrid NX shoe. Bolt was moved by the gift as he flipped through the book and expressed his appreciation. Seventy other athletes and influencers present at the event also received copies of the book and proceeded to share them on their social networks.

Advertising Agency:BETC/Havas, Brazil
CCO:Erh Ray
Ecd:Andrea Siqueira
Creative Directors:Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Creative:Alexandre Kazuo, Lucas Ribeiro
Brands & Business:Camila Nakagawa, Giovana Degen, Camilla Steiman
Channels & Engagement:Carlinha Gagliardi
Strategy:Agatha Kim
Rtv Production:Mari Goebel, Anna Ferraz
Graphical Production:Gilmar Souza, Carlos Valeriano
Final Artwork:Plínio Junior
Production Company:CEGO
Director:Daniel Levenhagem
Executive Producer:Maria Reser, Dario Forghieri
Production Coordinator:Julia Jubileu
Photography:Victor Ponce and Genga Estúdio
Designer:Diego Brito
Assembly:Daniel Levenhagem
Audio Production:Squad
Musical Score:Gustavo Boralli
Sound Editor:Hans Zeh
Client Services:Zi Nammur
Event conception:Versão Beta
Client Approval:Fabio Kadow
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