Philippine Commission on Women: Macho Choir

May 04, 2019Filed under Film and Public Interest, NGO

How do you call out a problem like catcalling?
Catcalling is a rampant problem in the Philippines with 3 out of 5 Filipinas experiencing a form of sexual harassment at least once in their life.
With the lack of widespread public campaigns against catcalling partnered with the absence of a law that criminalizes it, we are faced with a culture of victim blaming and impunity around this very public form of abuse.
How can we educate Filipinos that catcalling is a serious issue? How can we move people to take action and help make public spaces become safer places for women?
From its early beginnings as a radio campaign that featured nursery rhymes with anti- catcalling lyrics, Macho Choir has evolved into an integrated campaign featuring a website, stickers, and for social media - lyric videos.
Operating on the insight that catcalling is essentially juvenile behavior, we designed the video’s illustrations to look like cartoons to connect to visual cues from one’s childhood. With our target audience being always on the go, using neon colors proved to help make the videos pop and noticeable online or on mobile. In terms of font style, we crafted our own font which was heavily-inspired by jeepney signages.
Ultimately, we created a set of lyric videos that are easy to sing along to while serving the public a message worth learning and remembering.

Advertising Agency:DDB, Taguig, Philippines
Creative Director:Dan Pambid
Art Directors:Dan Pambid, Sam Ramos, Celine Hembrador, Inna Fortu
Copywriters:Angelo Reyes, Tero Diaz, Andrea Penaranda
Illustrator:Inna Fortu
Managing Director:Diane Chua
Head Of Talent Management:Anna Chua-Norbert
Account Manager:Micci Maurico
Creative Technologist:Enif Ruedas
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