McKinsey Design + The Case for Her: TMI - Talk about Menstruation In the open

May 18, 2019Filed under Integrated and Public Interest, NGO

Talking about menstruation is largely a social and cultural taboo. McKinsey in partnership with The Case For Her wants to tackle issues and social stigmas around menstruation. Women themselves have internalised the stigma related to menstruation to the extent that they refrain from talking about it openly and certainly not in detail. Normally women are extremely particular about nuances in colours. However, when it comes to periods, women refrain from talking about the different shades of menstrual blood. Research shows that a change in colour can be an early indicator of underlying health issues - a conversation we shouldn't be shying away from. In order to execute the same we use various touch points that women encounter and talk about anyway, to normalise the "uncomfortable" period conversation.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Art Director:Saloni Doshi
Copywriters:Palak Kapadia, Yashashree Samant, Nagma Dhingra
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