Havaianas: TAP TAP TAP

May 16, 2019Filed under Film, Online and Fashion, Clothing, Footwear

With the growth of Instagram Stories, tapping the screen to flip through content has become habit. And it was that very habit that inspired Havaianas to explore the format in a new way, to tell stories like never before.

Called “TAP TAP TAP,” the short uses users’ contact with the screen to speed up the animation. The project is made up of more than 90 illustrations. As users “skip” through them, they interact with the next image, creating the illusion of movement. TAP TAP TAP was developed by AlmapBBDO with illustrations by Vetor Zero. 

See at https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/18058019662010183/

The story of the short touches on the brand’s global concept of inviting everyone to feel the spirit of Brazilian summer, no matter what season it may be. The protagonist goes from a gray daily routine, with lots of tasks and not much time to relax, to a sunny, happy beach, all after putting on a pair of original sandals from Brazil.

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