Guaraná Antartica: Women’s Soccer

May 28, 2019Filed under Non-alcoholic Drinks

Every big sports event requires convocation. After all, it’s through these big competitions that we find the best athletes from the all around the world. And in the year of the main women’s soccer tournament on the planet, Guaraná Antártica wears the Brazil Women's National Soccer Team shirt and calls upon other brands to join a movement in support of women’s soccer in the country. Since this is the modality by most loved Brazilians, there’s no better moment to show that the female team is also a pride of our nation, or better: “It’s Our Thing” (#ÉCoisaNossa). Or do you still think women can’t play sports, or even participate in an advertisement?

When it comes to soccer, it’s still usual to observe greater appreciation towards men players than to women players. Last year, because of the World Cup, Brazil saw more than 47 different big brands develop ads with players from the men's team. But there’s also a World Cup in 2019 – the  Women's World Cup – and until by April, we'd seen zero campaigns praising the female athletes, the team, or even using them at all.

Guaraná Antártica, which sponsors both Brazil men’s and women’s National Soccer Teams for 18 years already and admitting it hired very few women players in their advertisements, wishes to encourage other companies to open their doors to female players on their campaigns. With great talent on the field, they can also represent any other brand away from the four lines. And to help with this convocation, the best thing to do is to call some specialists on the subject. To do so, the soda brand is counting with the participation of striker Cristiane, midfielder Andressinha, and defender Fabi Simões in this campaign.

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