Etna: Stickers Décor

May 16, 2019Filed under Online, Mobile and House, Garden

Etna is one of the biggest home and décor brands in Brazil. In the beginning of 2019, São Paulo-based agency Artplan launched a campaign with the concept “Design ao seu alcance” [Design within your reach]. Online and TV spots showed how Etna can help you to renew your home. Now, Etna and Artplan have just created an innovative way of testing new decorations: using Instagram Stories.

Now people don’t need to download an app or use augmented reality to test their decorations. They just have to take a picture of the room on Stories, click on the option Stickers, type “etna” and place the furniture and/or object at the desired location. Consumers can access dozens of objects and see how beautiful their house can be with Etna’s help.

Advertising Agency:Artplan, São Paulo, Brazil
Creation and Content Management:Zico Farina, Eder Redder, Marcos Abrucio
Content Manager:Mariana Jansen
Creation:Bruno Giusepe, Felipe Duarte, Matheus Franzoni
Content Editing:Renan Vasconcelos
Project Manager:Evelma Silva
Customer Relation Management:Eduardo Megale
Customer Relation:Marina Gouvea, Julianna Alencar
Planning Management:Flávia Campos
Planning:Diana Leite, Vitor Duarte and Bruno Oliveira
Media Management:Francisco Rosa, Natália Fernandes de Oliveira
Media:Nany Porciúncula, Bruno Breslauer, Débora Bemuyal.
Rtv:Patricia Oliva, Karol Justino
Customer Approval:Nara Brossi, Valentine Dassoki
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