Coca-Cola: Coke Coffee

May 10, 2019Filed under Print and Non-alcoholic Drinks

What has less sugar than a can of Coke, has slightly less caffeine than a normal cup of coffee but more than a can of the soda? The answer, according to Coca-Cola, is Coke Coffee, a blend of both drinks that will be appearing in 25 markets by year-end.

Kenya will be one of the first markets in the world to pre-launch Coke Coffee, and Ogilvy helped the company design an iconic visual to spark excitement, especially in a tea-drinking continent. They developed an icon that merges Coke’s Dynamic Ribbon into the coffee bean as if it were a natural occurrence. From there they are leaving it up to the audience to work out the connection. The only other element included is a launch date where all will be revealed. The ad, attached, has been seen in outdoor, print and instore posters in Kenya, and soon to be joined by Uganda, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

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