Cámara de Comercio de Bogotá: Music is felt at the airport

May 10, 2019Filed under Media and Public Interest, NGO

The Bogotá Music Market (BOmm) is one of the most important music programs and festivals in Latin America which takes place in Bogotá; to welcome visitors arriving at El Dorado International Airport, we took 16 digital shelters on the outside (8 per floor) to create a show where we turned them into interpreters of music through lights and animations. DAY Based on the most important musical genres of Colombia and their most representative instruments, we composed 8 songs by means of software and specialized complements. They became the first musical orchestra of digital shelters with animations and audio rhythmic illustrations, that vibrated to demonstrate our visitors that music is not only heard, its felt! NIGHT At night we wanted the digital shelters to transmit the feeling of the music, for this we developed a LED-light show through a sequence of colors and animations, creating a "choreography" and a unique visual harmony, which even without sound, made the visitors discover the power of music by awakening their senses and transmitting emotions.

Advertising Agency:Silva Publicidad, Bogotá, Colombia
Creative Director:Carlos Piñeros Serrano
Art Director:Sergio Peralta
Copywriter:Walter Zuñiga
Animation And Illustration:Fabio Escobar - Dragonfly Visual Studio
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