AstraZeneca: The Engine

May 29, 2019Filed under Film and Health, Beauty

Type 2 diabetes patients are notoriously wilfully ignorant as to the dangers involved with their condition. We needed a piece that communicated threat and urgency, but that resolved positively and hopefully to compel action. Told through a haggard Captain, this story conveys the perils of facing the sea with a vessel in dire need of maintenance and repair. With warning lights and worried panics, the ship’s engine breaks down, casting the entire crew in darkness and leaving them hopelessly exposed to the open ocean. At this moment we realise the Captain is actually describing the increased risk of heart failure associated with Type 2 diabetes. Thankfully, the engine begins to stutter and turn over, the lights are reillumined, and a second chance is granted. Safe return ensured, the film ends with the Captain pier side, urging fellow patients to act more proactively than he did, and live happier and longer as a result. “Know the danger before it becomes major”.

Advertising Agency:Havas Lynx Group, Manchester, United Kingdom
Creative Directors:Tim Jones, John McPartland
Art Director:John McNally
Copywriter:Zack Gardner
Production Company:Maker Films
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