Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition: Plot Twist

May 18, 2019Filed under Online and Electronics, Technology

When children hear stories, they use them to make sense of the world. It shapes how they think and affects choices they make even later in life. Most fairytales we’ve grown up with reiterate toxic gender roles by conditioning kids to think girls must be beautiful and docile while boys must be strong and violent, or they're simply not good enough. If we want to change how kids see themselves, we need to change the narrative of stories they're being told. Presenting Plot Twist - an AI-based personalised and interactive storytelling experience with Alexa on Amazon FreeTime. Our little reminder to kids that they can be whoever they want to be.

Advertising School:Miami Ad School, Mumbai, India
Art Director:Jordan Bromberg
Copywriters:Palak Kapadia, Rohit Wani
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