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May 11, 2019Filed under Outdoor, Print and Alcoholic Drinks

For the first time in history, Ambev Brewery, the Brazilian affiliate of Anheuser-Busch InBev, brought together all of its beer brands to spread a message in favor of smart drinking. The newly launched campaign invites consumers to reflect and make smart choices after the consumption of alcohol, such as never driving. In a fun mood, the ads show the beer logos with their letters slightly scrambled around, provoking the thought that sometimes when you drink things seem to be in order at a first glance, but in reality they’re not. Created by SunsetDDB with national coverage, the campaign was launched last sunday, April 28, before and during the broadcast of the first round of Campeonato Brasileiro (the national brazilian football championship). 

Without further explanation, the traditional inserts of Brahma, one of Brazil’s most popular beers, were changed to "Bhamra". The goal was to cause surprise among those watching the game, and start speculation on why the logos were switched. At the same time, other Ambev brands such as Budweiser, Stella Artois, Skol and Antarctica changed their social media profile picture sand covers on social media by logos with changed letters, raising questions among their followers. The true reason behind the whole stunt was revealed the following day, through popular social media channels, print, PR and OOH media. 

"We want to invite people who drink beer to reflect: just as we think the logos are in order at first, and then realize that they are not, there are times when people drink and think everything is in order to drive, when in fact it is not. It's natural over the years that smart drinking campaigns, like all others, need to be reinvented in order to capture attention and create real change in behavior. Therefore, we thought it was time to go one step furtherand use the strength of all our main brands for a single purpose: to warn that alcohol consumption should never be associated with driving", commented Ambev marketing director Alexandre Costa. "The boldness of Ambev Brewery shows the importance of this topic to them. They have shown a will to go far beyond business as usual by launching an unexpectedly creative campaign to warn against drinking and driving. We are extremely proud to be part of this movement alongside Ambev", says Guilherme Jahara, co-president at SunsetDDB. The campaign will remains on air until May 13, in on and offline media from all over Brazil.

Advertising Agency:SunsetDDB, São Paulo, Brazil
Ceo:Guto Cappio
CCO:Guilherme Jahara
CoPresidents:Guilherme Jahara, Ligia Vulcano
Creative Director:Márcio Juniot
Creative Team:Guilherme Jahara, Márcio Juniot, Xan Arakawa, Maicon Pinheiro, Alexandre Freire, Mariana Manso
Art Assistant:Will Rodrigues
Account:Bianca Bizello, Janaina Venhasque
Media:Henrique Bragion de Oliveira, Felipe Duarte
Head Of Social Media:Inaiara Florêncio
Content and Influencers:Inaiara Florêncio
Community Managers:Gabriel Nogueira, Carol Lima, Felipe Casas, Evelyn Gonçalves
Business Intelligence:Raphael Penna
Head of Production Produção:Patrícia Benetti
Pr Director:Daniela Barile
Art Buyer:Alessandra Anazario
Ilustrator:Marlos Lima
Graphic Production:Carla Lustosa, Edson Harada
Cliente approval:Ricardo Dias, Alexandre Costa, Bruno Rigonatti
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