Fire Marketing e Comunicação: Elementary

April 23, 2019Filed under Outdoor, Print and Agency Self-Promo

We take good care of your business's soul. Fire. Elementary.
If your CEO wants more SEO for the CTA, call us. Fire. Elementary.
If the survival of your business is under threat don't yell "help". Yell "fire". Fire. Elementary.
It may seem contradictory but if communication is cold profit melts. Fire. Elementary.
Warm advertising doesn't make your client lose it's breath. Fire. Elementary.
Word-of-mouth advertising works. The danger lies on your brand losing it's voice. Fire. Elementary.

Advertising Agency:Fire Marketing e Comunicação, Vitória, Brazil
Creative Director:Bruno Reis
Art Director:José Azevedo
Copywriters:Bruno Reis, José Azevedo
Illustrator:José Azevedo
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