Claro: MLM Multilevel, Intense Guy, Debt

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Whatsapp conversation:

What’s up bro. how u doing? Can I ask u something?

Supp! Sure anything bro

How’s work doing?

Okay, working very hard

Have u thought about being your own boss?


Unlimited Whatsapp by Claro


Whatsapp conversation:

Cute pic!

Hahah thanks

What's up?

Hahah okay

What r u doing?

Not much

How’s work?

Okay I guess

Hey, we should go out!

Hahahah ok i’ll text you.

Unlimited Whatsapp by Claro


Whatsapp conversation:

Hi how are you?

Hey! Sorry I couldn't transfer the money yesterday

Umm ok, can you do it today?

Yes, give me your account # again pls


Perfect. I'll do it rigth now.

Unlimited Whatsapp by Claro

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