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March 04, 2019Filed under Film and Banking, Financial Services

The world as we know it has changed, and continues to change - the world of business, banking and investment is no exception. There is no denying that the competition in traditional banking channels has turned up a notch, led primarily through innovation. But there is also no denying that many of the challenges facing clients are unique to this day and age and the rulebook has yet to be written on how to solve them.

Investec Bank’s understanding of the zeitgeist and its implications has played a pivotal role in the launch of its new brand campaign. Research conducted by the bank showed that there were many topics causing concern or uncertainty among their clients. Based on these diverse themes, the campaign acknowledges and addresses five tensions and the human role is reducing the complexity in them: Time, technological disruption, data protection and privacy, overwhelming investment options and volatility.

Conceptualized and created by Ogilvy South Africa, Investec’s first cross-business, fully integrated marketing campaign ‘Partner with Out of the Ordinary’ has launched to the market.

The cornerstone of the campaign is a 60-second film, featuring a stirring, provocative monologue delivered by a lead protagonist (played by British actor Nicholas Pinnock). He journeys confidently through a world at once familiar and strange, populated by people moving frantically with the crowd, chasing the next fad or drawn into the orbit of charlatans.

But through it all, our protagonist remains calm and assured, finally revealing himself as the partner you need in these complex and confusing times: “You are not alone here. You have a partner made of blood, flesh and bone here.” He crosses over from this chaotic space into the calm of a stylised ‘search bar’, ready to help answer the myriad of questions that these out of the ordinary times provoke.

Advertising Agency:Ogilvy, Johannesburg, South Africa
Executive Creative Officer:Mariana O’Kelly
Creative Directors:Gregory King, Catherine Wanliss
Art Directors:Marion Bryan, Amori Gerber
Copywriter:Irene Styger
Strategist:Zoe Katz
Client Service Directors:Greg Pfuhl, Janine Wessels
Project Managers:Netania Frey, Stephanie Powell
Tv Producer:Tsakane Mogale
Developers:Will Roos, Drew Nadin, Graham Talbot
Production Company:Star Films
Director:Tristan Holmes
Executive Producer:Adam Thal
Producer:Boris Vossgatter, Rob van den Bracht
DoP:Franz Lustig
Production Designer:Marketa Korinkova
Post Production Offline:Deliverance
Editor:Ricky Boyd
Post production Online:Chocolate Tribe
Visual Effects:Tiaan Franken
Lead Technical Director:Tiaan Franken
Vfx Supervisor:Rob van den Bracht
3D artists:Hugo Perdiz, Casey Chelchinskey, Samantha Visser
Compositor:Jannes Hendriks, Johan Scheepers
Colourist:Nic Apostoli, Comfort & Fame
Music:Greg Dombrowski
Composer:Greg Dombrowski
Publisher and Label:Secession Studios
Final Sound Design:Louis Enslin
Audio Mix:Louis Enslin
Company:Produce Sound
Additional Sound Design Company:Barking Owl
Sound Designer:Morgan Johnson
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