Grey: Happy Women's Day

March 12, 2019Filed under Online and Agency Self-Promo

Our society is still driven by patriarchy. Men lack the sense of respect when it comes to women and as long as men don’t respect women, and as long as there is gender disparity, we will have to keep celebrating “Women’s Day” and speak of it while the practice of Women’s Day should be every day. We have tried to touch the conscience of men and point out that it is their humanly responsibility to unitedly protect women’s respect and equality and honor Mother-Kind. While, scientifically every human being starts of gender neutral and equal, if we could show the men of our society that our root is equality, we could help them realize the feminine selves. And to do so, as a part of popular culture, we’ve symbolically expressed the feminine part in us with the cultural ornaments of the women in our society and take a step closer to #balanceforbetter.

There’s a bit of women in every man. So, respect yourself.

Advertising Agency:Grey, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Creative Director:Syed Gousul Alam Shaon
Art Directors:Farah Yasmin, Akrum Hossain
Copywriter:Waleed K. Rajamiya
Photographer:Javed Akter Suman
Additional Credits:Lubna Noman, Maimun Rashid Khan, Manami Sunjia Hossain, Sharfiat Jahan, Rumana Sadia
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