Geometry Argentina: Stand By My Voice

March 21, 2019Filed under Film and Education

The agency and the children’s publisher Pequeño Editor present an exciting initiative that reaches the heart. Understanding the present circumstances of the Venezuelan people who were forced to migrate to Argentina leaving their young children behind, the publisher brings to light a fundamental issue in raising children: the importance of reading to them before they go to sleep and the unique connection that this moment creates, in a moment where there is so much disconnect. 

In this regard, Tony Waissmann, CCO of Geometry Argentina commented the following: "This project is very special and when it began to take shape it became even more special, we were all excited, we cried every step of the way, our hearts melted with the stories of Virginia and Reinder and a unique connection was forged between us and our amazing client. 

It was a project that seemed impossible, there were many difficulties we needed to overcome, filming there, sending things, everything was very difficult to do but we were not afraid, we looked at each other and said: "Ok, let's do it". From there on it was a joint effort to reach our goal and as we moved forward, and obstacles kept appearing, it only made us want it more. The same thing happened to the client, they loved the idea from the start, but they looked at us and said: "Are you sure that we can do it?", "Yes”, we said, “We are sure" and here we are presenting it. 

It is an emotional project that changed us all. We were so touched and moved. It was very exciting. At Geometry we do all kinds of projects with different types of approaches, from emotional, to extreme fun. The difference between each project speaks of a flexible agency, that can think outside the box and that It´s spectacular" Raquel Franco, director of Pequeño Editor, said: We have been developing picture books for children for over 16 years. 

And throughout these years we have always tried to communicate the importance of reading during childhood and that it be an activity where adults get involved. We wanted to create a campaign to encourage reading that shows our identity, our love for that unique bond that is generated when sharing a story. In that sense, every meeting with Geometry was an injection of adrenaline, conviction, and confidence. We knew that we had found that idea, that task that showed our vocation and our project. 

Virginia and Reinder brought to life the stories. Geometry did a job that seemed infinite. "Cuento con voz" is both a concrete and an effective device and is clear way of sharing our message. Pequeño editor: reading together with our children is a way of parenting, childcare, and affection.

Advertising Agency:Geometry, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ceo:Karina Aiello
CCO:Tony Waissmann
Ecd:Claudio Giovanelli Izaia
Creative Directors:María Luján Donaire, Hernán Damilano
Copy:Pablo Bugueiro
Art Director:Joaquín Camicha
Account Manager:Georgina Roccatagliata
Account Executive:Ana Carolina Valdez
3d Design:Sebastián Ostojic
Edit:Herneaqn Buffa
Production Company 1:Troya Films y RG2 Caracas
Directors Troya:Tomás de las Hernas, Wilmer Williams
Producer Troya:Silvina Masotto
Founder y DGC RG2:Exequiel Rodriguez
Lights RG2:Marco Diaz
General Account Director RG2:Mariva Delgado
Producers RG2:Lina Certain, Cesar Medina
Director RG2:Daniel Méndez
Cameraman RG2:Jean García
Music and Sound Production Company:INDIGO MUSIC DESIGN
Executives Producers:Sergio Garrido, Soledad Bruno
Sound Producer:Romina Trabazos
Compositor:Matías Leanza Montes
Post Production:Mey Frontera
Post Producers:Hernán Escudero, Luciana Contreras
Client:Raquel Franco, Diego Bianki, Ruth Kaufman
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