Absolut Vodka: True Colors of Slovakia

March 01, 2019Filed under Integrated, Online and Alcoholic Drinks

ABSOLUT was about to make it’s first big campaign in Slovakia. Based on Absolut’s worldwide brand heritage of bringing different people together to share good times, it launched a largely controversial campaign that digged deep into Slovak culture. Featuring a black female singer along with a well known folklore song verse “Slovak mothers great daughters you have” it bursted the advertising bubble immediately, becoming the number one topic in the society for weeks.

Advertising Agency:TRIAD Advertising, Bratislava, Slovakia
Chief Creative & Strategy Director:Martin Woska
Creative Director: Martin Woska,  Vlado Kurek
Strategy:Alan Holub,  Ján Papač
Copywriter:Vlado Kurek,  Matúš Hliboký
Account Manager:Silvia Klimková, Zuzana Tvarošková
Art Director:Csilla Polak, Adam Majko
Social Media Manager:Katarína Šebová, Alan Holub
Developer:Ján Timoranský, Roman Janajev
Film Production:Peter Hledík
Film Direction:Pepe Ehrenberger
Photographer:Matúš Bence
Produkcia:Viliam Jánošík, Katarína Chudá 
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