Windsor Tea Coca tea: Inflated

February 14, 2019Filed under Outdoor, Print and Non-alcoholic Drinks

In Bolivia and many andean regions, chewing the coca leaf is an indigenous custom that has remained popular thanks to its medicinal and nutritional qualities, as well as for its great ability to reduce fatigue and hunger, making its consumption very popular during long hours of work and late night workshifts. It is typically consumed by making a “bolo”: a small ball-shaped accumulation of coca leaves that remain inside the cheek for as long as the effect is necessary.

Advertising Agency:Athos, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Creative General Director:Ferju Cuevas
Creative Director:Matías Galarza
Art Director:Fito Chipana
Copywriter:Ferju Cuevas
Illustrator:Lobo Studio
Photographer:Jhon Orellana
Additional Credits:Luis Ramirez
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