Volkswagen Amarok Pickup: The Sand

February 21, 2019Filed under Media, Outdoor and Automotive

This new Volkswagen brand activation was created to take part during the 60 most busy days during summer on the coastal área of Argentina, the cities of Pinamar and Carilo. These are the two most popular and crowded beaches in Argentina, where Amarok’s target market gathers there to spent their summer holidays. These are two cities with very high standars and have the pecularity of having sand built streets. This is the best terrain to launch a new Brand building action for a 4x4 Pickup.

We thought on creating a new media by developing this simple but creative idea of carving the Amarok Pickup wheels with the Brand’s identity logo. The pickup will start circulating on the beaches and Streets from very early in the morning covering more tan 40 kilometers per day.

Using a very pure and simple material to print the Amarok logo, became a new media and most important; it became a totally sustainable Brand experience, on the lowest Budget reaching more tan 800.000 using just Two Wheels.

Advertising Agency:Geometry, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ceo:Karina Aiello
CCO:Tony Waissmann
Executive Creative Director:Claudio Giovanelli Zaia
Creative Directors:María Luján Donaire, Hernán Damilano
General Account Director:Georgina Roccatagliata
Account Executive:Joaquín Castineyras
Agency Producer:Mariel Marangoni
Model Makers and Creative Effects:Sodapasta
Proyect Manager:Tomás Santiago Dalton
Sodapasta:Tomás Santiago Dalton, Ezequiel Arroñade, Mario Astutti, Gonzalo Furlani
Executive Producer:Ezequiel Arroñade, Karla Mendez
Creative Director:Mario Astutti
Production Design:Gonzalo Furlani
Production Company:WaldenStudio
Directors:Guido Cassini y Matias Pisani
Photography Director:Carlos Autor
General Producers:Guido Cassini y Matias Pisani
Postproduction Company:WaldenStudio
Client:Nicolás Matavos, Máximo Miguens, Agostina Lo Carmine
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