New York-Presbyterian Hospital: TXT 2 HLP

February 13, 2019Filed under Media and Health, Beauty

In the United States, hundreds of people take their lives every day, and thousands more contemplate doing so. On the other hand, each day, thousands of patients with cancer fight for their lives and try to find greater purpose—while at the same time being robbed of the ability to fulfill it.

Advertising Agency:Area 23, New York, USA
Evp:Tim Hawkey
Chief Creative Officer:Tim Hawkey
Svp:Bernardo Romero, Jason Graff, David Adler
Group Creative Directors:Bernardo Romero, Jason Graff
Creative Director:David Adler
Associate Creative Director:Joy Strazza, Sarah Liebowitz, Ronnie Caltabiano
Copy:Joy Strazza
Vp:Sarah Liebowitz, Ronnie Caltabiano, Bill Hanff, Kelly Johnston, Ankit Vahia
Art:Sarah Liebowitz
Group Art Supervisor:Kayla Gomez
Motion:Ronnie Caltabiano
Director Of Technology:Bill Hanff
Senior Ux Architect:Nigel Gillis
Management Director:Kelly Johnston
Account Supervisor:Kaitlyn Molino
Global Creative Partner:Fred Levron
Strategic Director:Ankit Vahia
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